The ideal skirt!

The ideal skirt!



Thinking about how to wear and combine your favorite pieces? In this post we will show you the ideal skirt, for each body type. In this article, you can also find several tips and follow the fashion, which offers inspirations for each body type, covering five categories or shapes, which are Hourglass, Oval, Pear, Inverted Triangle, and Rectangle.

There, you can also take a test to get to know your body better and identify all the looks that can favor your favorite region.

The ideal skirt for each body type:

If there is one piece that is indispensable in a woman’s closet, it is the skirt! Practical, versatile, and super feminine, it is a model that fits all body types, the tall, thin, short, with wide hips or larger. From the most classic, to the most modern women, the skirt’s followers.

With various models, many types of looks can be created with the ideal skirt. If you know it, it can help in the composition of your look. Thus, it is possible to better explore the models that enhance your body and use them in a way that makes you feel more beautiful and confident.

 Pleated skirt:

For those who want to give volume to the hips and let this part of the body in evidence, this piece is the best option. With pleats near the waist, pleated skirts are versatile, being the ideal skirt for all biotypes. Those who are bothered by the increase in volume, but like the pleated skirt, have the straighter options.

Evasê skirt:

This model has a tighter waist and opens along the length. Perfect to balance the look, the evasê skirt leaves the hips more voluminous and the waist more defined. For those who have broad shoulders and want to balance the silhouette, highlighting the thigh area, this type of skirt is welcome.

Goth skirt:

A more open model, with a circular shape and a loose waist, the godé skirt is the favorite for a more modern and stylish look.

Perfect to disguise broad shoulders, increase the hips, and give proportion to the silhouette. For the rectangular shape, this model fits very well, because it models the waist and gives fluidity to the body. For the triangle shape it is also possible to reduce the hips and provide harmony.


A darling at any age, this model makes the look more funky and also more fashionable. Both for shorter women and those with longer legs, if you want to impress with your look, the miniskirt is a good option! Remember, it draws attention to the legs, thighs, and hips.

Women with pear-shaped bodies can bet on straighter shapes.

Pencil skirt:

If you love to show off your curves and sensualize, you will certainly be a fan of the pencil skirt. Ideal for the hourglass body, it can be worn by all biotypes. The secret is in the other pieces and accessories you combine. If you want to disguise your belly, you can wear a longer, looser blouse, and if you want to show off your buttocks and belly, you can wear a cropped top.

An idea for the pear shape are the straighter models, while for the inverted triangle, the tapered model goes super well.

Long skirt:

This never goes out of style! Always on the runways and fashion trends, the long skirt brings a casual and democratic look. The best thing is that it fits all body types. What changes in the way of wearing it is the woman’s height. If she is short, she can wear it at the waist, while taller women can wear it below the navel. For the pear body, it reduces the hips, and for oval bodies, it elongates the silhouette.

See how easy it is to find the ideal skirt? Just observe the characteristics of your body and how the skirt can best adapt to your biotype, but, of course, always taking into account the pieces that enhance your body and make you feel good.

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