Nail Shapes 2020

Nail Shapes 2020

Choosing a Nail Shape can influence many aspects of our body, but especially the appearance of our hands.
If you want an even better result, try to learn from an expert, who will provide you with all the necessary support.
The best way to ensure a well-done manicure is to know which nail shape best suits your hand.
Every woman who takes care of her nails likes to choose the color of nail polish that best suits the moment, and the same should apply to nail shapes.
There is no general rule nor a format that is right, but there are those most used and most suitable for certain types of fingers and hands.


Year in and year out, and the most used Nail Shape by women is still the square, because it is more discreet and less daring.
It also allows the nail to grow in a straight line, keeping your nails stronger.
If you have short nails, you have to let your nails grow a little longer to file in this format. And you must file constantly, because the shape wears out quickly and this can change the edges making them pointy, with which you can even injure yourself.
It is best suited for long, thick fingers.


Discreet, it is sought by those who like to keep the length reduced and natural.
It is sought after by those who like to keep the length short and natural. It is sanded in a curved way, without leaving edges, preventing them from breaking easily.
This nail format is indicated for those who have smaller hands, because the impression is that the hands are more elongated.
This is the best format for those who like longer fingernails because it has greater durability.
This effect guarantees nails that are filed with a straighter format on the sides, finalizing with rounder shapes on the tips.


For those who want a more modern look, the Almond nails are becoming a trend and are the bet of the time because they are more practical, break less, and are easier to care for.
They are more pointed, but finished with a rounded effect. It is a middle ground between the oval and the stiletto.
Modern and fun, this is a variation of the Stiletto Shape, with very pointed fingertips, but this time finished very straight.
The Ballerina Shape is best suited for long nails, not short ones.


This format has won the hands of fashionistas, and in the United States it is a hit. Among those who love this format, the number of women who prefer short stiletto nails is growing.
For those who want to leave their nails totally daring and modern, the stiletto is the ideal nail format.
This format does not allow the nails to grow too long.
To keep the Stiletto Format always up to date, the ideal is to file the nails with an interval of 3 days to maintain the desired effect.


The important thing is to feel good. More beautiful and comfortable with the nail format you choose, no matter how fashionable it is.
After all, a great nail design will always raise your self-esteem!
If you want an even better result, try to learn from an Expert, who can provide you with all the support you need.

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