Is Botox a Cosmetic?

What is Botox?

Botox is the cosmetic form of botulinum toxin, which is a chemical compound with properties that cause muscles to weaken or become temporarily paralyzed. Through an injection of Botox, the muscles are relaxed at the site of application for a certain period of time, depending on the amount and interval between injections.
In a more scientific way, Botox is a protein obtained from the botulinum toxin, which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum – present in natural environments such as soil, lakes, forests, and even the intestinal tracts of mammals and fish.
Very large amounts of this toxin can cause botulism, a very serious intoxication that can lead to death.
Even though it is a toxin, in low doses and when used in the correct way, Botox can be put to medical and cosmetic uses. Botox is considered safe and has few adverse effects when used within a therapeutic context.
Botox, even at very low doses, causes the temporary paralysis of muscles, which can be put to good use in the cosmetic market to eliminate expression lines, for example. There are several commercial versions of botulinum toxin, but the most famous is Botox.

Botox in the mouth;

When injected in the mouth region, Botox can remodel the lips. But it is necessary that the application is done carefully and by a professional.
There are about 43 muscles in the face, and it is necessary that the person who is applying the injections knows these muscles well, and knows exactly where the Botox must be inserted to produce the desired result.
The number of injections varies and depends on what features around the mouth you want to change.

What it is used for

Botox in the mouth is used for several aesthetic purposes, such as:
– Minimizing creases in the upper and lower lip;
– Soften or remove expression lines in the corners of the mouth;
– Correct the smile that shows too much of the gums;
– Elevate the corners of the mouth;
– Improve the appearance of the upper lip.
The Botox application procedure is very simple and requires no anesthesia or any kind of preparation.

How does Botox work?

Botulinum toxin affects the nervous system, interrupting part of the nerve signaling process that stimulates muscle contraction. With this mechanism interrupted, a temporary muscle paralysis occurs.
The interruption of this process occurs because Botox prevents the release of acetylcholine, a kind of chemical messenger that allows the contraction of muscle cells. In this way, the muscles that receive Botox injections contract less and become less rigid.

– Botox in the mouth for lip augmentation;

A practical example of this type of Botox application is one that makes the lips appear larger than they really are. In this case, the injections are applied to the upper middle part of the upper lip. Botox causes the muscles in the region to relax, and when they relax, the lip ends up curving upwards, lengthening the upper lip without having to add volume through other aesthetic methods such as lip fillers, for example.

– Botox to correct the smile

Another technique is that used to hide part of the gums when they are very noticeable in the smile. Although it is normal, some people are bothered by this and can correct the small problem with the help of Botox. The injection in this situation is applied in the region of the cupid’s bow, which is the central part of your lip.

which is usually “V”-shaped. In this part of the mouth is the orbicular muscle of the mouth, which is the muscle that acts every time you pucker your lips. Applying Botox in this area causes the muscle to relax, and in this way the lips curve. So, when you smile, the muscle relaxation will help cover the gums and allow the lips to appear more and become a little larger.
Soon after the procedure, which lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, you can resume your normal activities because Botox is not considered a surgical procedure and requires no recovery time.

– Botox to soften lip wrinkles

Many people seek Botox in the mouth to reduce or eliminate expression lines and wrinkles in the lip area. The result is temporary, but it makes the expression marks formed in the mouth over the years imperceptible.
Both Botox and other products applied to the mouth for aesthetic purposes have benefits and risks involved.

Some adverse effects, usually mild, that can occur and last for a few days may include:

– Numbness at the injection site;
– Headache;
– Bruising at the injection site
– Temporary swelling
– Nausea
– Sensitivity.

There is also a risk of more serious side effects, but fortunately they are rare. They are:

– General muscle weakness;- Difficulty speaking;
– Visual disturbances
– Difficulty breathing
– Difficulty swallowing.

There are also some specific risks that can affect those who apply Botox to the mouth that have to do with the relaxation effect caused in the muscles. This relaxation weakens the lip muscles and has many beneficial cosmetic effects, but it can also affect your ability to pucker, whistle, kiss, and even use straws. Muscle weakening can even affect speech and diction in addition to causing the person to frequently bite their lips. Such effects can happen especially when a very high amount of Botox is applied to a single region.
In addition, since the effect of Botox is temporary, the side effects – when observed – are also temporary.

Is it worth investing in Botox in the mouth?

Botox injections do not generate permanent results, so it is important to consider the maintenance costs involved in the treatment. Relaxation of the lip muscles is temporary and the results may last a few weeks or several months, depending on the type of application and the amount.
So before you decide to apply Botox, find out about the costs and the intervals between applications so that the results are maintained longer.
Looking for a good professional to do the applications is important not only to avoid side effects, but also to have a more natural effect and avoid damage to your health caused by misapplication or use of inappropriate doses of Botox.

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