What is WD 40 for? Learn about the many uses of spray!

What is WD-40?

WD-40, this product has a magic firula, which helps in several difficult situations and maintenance problems, in several subjects and sectors. We speak from the housewife to industrial products, an indispensable and very necessary product.

In 2005, the WD-40, has a nozzle applicator for the non waste, and the specific application of the product, without losing the product, thus being an extra facility for its users.

Do you know what WD-40 is for? How and where it can be used? And do you have any idea what your formula is? In this article we will talk about all these curiosities, come to know and learn from us!

A well known product, but many of its uses are hidden, which are of great help, let’s talk about this blue and yellow can…

Invented in the 1950’s, the WD-40 had the objective of being used for the aerospace industry, we don’t know what the formula is, because it is a state secret, and it hasn’t been changed since its invention. Who discovers the wonders that this product does are the communicators, making experiments and discovering the multitude of usefulness of this dear product.

See now how worth having a WD-40 in your home!

The WD-40 multifunction product is a formula that can help solve maintenance problems for all types of users in various fields and industries. Whether you’re a professional, industrialist, DIY expert, or an occasional home user, WD-40 is an indispensable tool.

What is WD-40 for?

So what is the purpose of WD-40? Among other uses, it can also protect metals from oxidation and corrosion and release adhered parts. Likewise, it can keep out moisture and lubricate almost anything. It can even remove oil, grease, dust and other dirt from most surfaces. In addition to penetrating parts to form a protective film, it can also be used to clean surfaces, lubricate gaskets and metal seals, prevent rust, and eliminate moisture in electrical and electronic circuits.

Other uses of WD-40 include:

-In fishing and sailing, always make sure the equipment is in perfect conditions, from hooks, fishing reels to boat engines; – Used to protect cars, motorcycles and airplanes, avoids the hinge coupling with the engine, besides facilitating the screws removal, making the plastic and chromed areas brighter;

-Can be used in all types of vehicles without damaging the rubber and paint. After cleaning, apply WD-40 on the engine and moving parts to prevent the vehicle from rusting.

-Very suitable for various activities at home and office, can prevent the door circuit from damaging the hinge and sliding door. It can also unlock locks and locks, remove rusted lamps, remove moisture in electrical and electronic equipment and remove stickers;

-Very suitable for loosening screws and unlocking mechanisms, from the panel to the protection of the gears, it does not corrode any kind of material and can be used on any surface. It cannot conduct currents of up to 12,000 volts and can be used in electrical and electronic equipment.

WD-40 aerosol package:

The WD-40 multi-purpose aerosol is the most famous product in Brazil. It is very suitable for use at home, at work, in the car, and you can always put your hands on the toolbox. It has a dedicated 180º valve that can be used upside down. Therefore, it can be sprayed directly on parts and surfaces to lubricate, protect, clean, eliminate moisture and penetration.

With the help of an extended straw, it can reach places of difficult access.

It can be found in all hardware stores. Take this opportunity to learn about the complete WD-40 series products, including lubricants and degreasers, and count on the professional services of our team!

Want to learn more about WD-40? What use do you have for the product you want to share?

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